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13 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Roofer

Aug 25

When talking to potential roofing contractors, it is important to ask the right questions to help you choose who to hire. These 13 questions will help you decide about roofing contractors, from warranty coverage to determine your estimated cost.

1. Does adequate insurance cover you?

To protect your home against accidental damage, your roofer should have insurance. Flat roof repair Toronto Contractors have at least $1,000,000 of general liability insurance.

2. Are you able to offer a limited warranty or workmanship coverage?

Your roofing contractor should offer a limited warranty, which may include workmanship coverage. Woodbridge Roofing Contractors offer various Roofing System Limited Warranty options that provide up to a lifetime material and workmanship coverage.

3. Can you explain my warranty?

The roofing contractor should clearly explain the warranty and tell you who to contact if there is a problem. Learn if defective shingles can be replaced at a prorated cost, original cost, or labor costs. Find out more about our warranties.

4. What roofing materials can you use for my roof?

There are many roofing products available. Make sure you choose a trusted roofer like Woodbridge roofer. Find out more about roofing products.

5. Do you have a written estimate for me?

An estimate should include a detailed description of the work required and any additional work that will need to be contacted.

6. Are you in compliance with all local building codes?

Roofers should be familiar with and adhere to all local building codes.

7. Can you send me a list of references?

Ask for references, and get a few to call.

8. Do you plan to inspect the roof?

Your roofing contractor should inspect the entire roof system. This includes the deck, attic flashing, chimney, and soil stacks.

9. Do you want to make sure there is enough ventilation?

The roofer should inspect the attic for ventilation problems and advise on the importance of proper ventilation. The roofer should inspect the attic to determine if the ventilation system is functioning correctly. Incorrect ventilation can cause damage to your shingles and invalidate the warranty. Find out more about ventilation, or visit our ventilation calculator.

10. Do you plan to install synthetic underlayment?

As the roofer will install your first layer of protection, they will use felt or synthetic underlayment. You should ensure that your contractor uses synthetic underlayment if you want advanced protection from water absorption, mold, and leaks. 

11. Do you plan to install water and ice barriers?

Depending on the conditions, additional ice and water barriers may be required between the wood deck shingles. This could help prevent ice damming, wind-driven rain, and collect water. 

12. Do you agree to follow the manufacturer's instructions?

Because of the possibility of a warranty being void if your roofer does not follow the manufacturer's instructions, they must be familiar with them. You can search for Roofing product specifications from all product pages. They are also available in our Resource Library.

13. Can you please explain the workings of my roof system?

A roofer should give you a detailed explanation of your roofing system, including how each part works together. This will allow you to make informed decisions. 

This checklist can be downloaded or printed to help you keep track of your conversations with contractors. These questions will help narrow down your choices and help you hire the right roofing contractor to complete your project.