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What to look for in roof damage after a storm?

Jun 15

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The things to look for in roof damage after a storm.

Any storm can make people wonder how well can their house survive the nature’s wrath. But sometimes, no matter how prepared you are and how solid your house’s foundation is, it still can’t escape from any damages that can be a loss to what you invest in. That is the problem that every homeowner faces in. It is indeed the worst nightmare!

The roof is the first recipient of storm damage. That is why investing in a good quality roof is essential to ensure your family’s safety during those uncertain situations. Because it may damage while battling the storm, but you can still have the confidence that it has the capability to protect you and not expect the worst scenario.



The following signs to look for in roof damage after a storm:

  • Discoloration in the ceiling - This is one obvious sign that there is possible roof damage. That is why water leaks made it to the ceiling and to the wall.
  • Leaking gutters - You might think that having that issue is not related to a damaged roof, but any roofers know that it means that there is debris that is blocking its normal flow. This should be fixed right away!
  • Leaking chimneys - This is part of a roofing system, and its major function is to let any smoke out from the house and not take any water inside the house.
  • Damage and Missing shingles - It is one of the obvious signs of roof damage that should be considered.
  • Shingles are dimpled - Most times, it is because of a hail storm.

Some of the obvious signs that some people are suffering in is having no roof due to how strong a storm is. At the same time, some who live close to a big tree have roof holes that need a professional roofer's help.

But before anything else, you need to call your insurance provider to review the policy that you have with them. So you will know if what roof damage you have is covered by them.