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Roof Inspections

Feb 28

Roof Inspections

Portland's extreme winds and hurricanes can make it difficult to find a roof that is reliable and durable enough to withstand them. The problem for most homeowners is knowing when to schedule a roof examination.

Portland Commercial Roofing provides an annual roof inspection that allows you to feel safe in your home, knowing that your roof can handle any mother nature may throw at you.

What to Expect From A Professional Roof Inspection

Roof inspections look for abnormal wear and tear, leaks, and organic growth issues. Windblown damage and other problems to the shingles will also be looked at by the inspector. These are just a few of the things that you can expect to see during an inspection.

  • Structural inspection
  • Material inspection
  • Inspection of workmanship
  • Analyze the roof

Signs that indicate it is time to schedule for an inspection

Trouble in your Attic

Your attic should always be your first priority. Examine your attic for signs like sagging, water loss and damage, dark spots, or leaking outside light. You need to call a professional if you find any of these symptoms.

Algae Growth

Mold and moss are often a problem for homeowners. You should schedule an inspection even if the growth doesn't necessarily mean that it's time to make repairs.

Your House Leaks

This is often the first sign you need to have your roof repaired. It is crucial that you inspect your house for leaks. You should immediately fix any leaks that you find.

It's better to spend a small amount on repairs than on the substantial overhead costs associated with an entire replacement.


The shingles start to rot when they absorb moisture from the core. This could manifest as large patches of discoloration and dark spots or missing large granules.

You can repair the roof by replacing the rotting shingles. You might also want to use non-organic materials such as fiberglass to avoid similar rotting situations in the future.

Shingles damaged

Shingles are rectangular blocks with overlapping edges that cover your roof. These are the most popular and commonly used elements for residential roofing. You should call a professional if any of the following damage is apparent.

  • Curling shingles It could be a sign of poor installation. Your ventilation could also be a problem. To avoid paying more, call a professional regardless if the issue is not obvious.
  • Blistering Shakes- If moisture gets trapped between shingles, it can cause severe damage and even total roof collapse. These are more often than not invisible, but professional roof inspectors can quickly spot them.
  • Buckling Shingles: If you see buckling, it could be a sign that your roof is lead cracking. If they do not get fixed, they may need to be replaced.
  • Staining on shingles. Small leaks can be indicated by streaks or stains. A professional can help you determine the best course of action.
  • Missing Shingles - It is just as simple as it sounds. You could be exposing your roof to further damage if you are missing shingles. If they are not addressed, they can reduce the life expectancy of your roof and cause higher replacement costs.

Portland Commercial Roofing will inspect your roof.

Portland Commercial Roofing and Inspections recognize the importance of a properly maintained roof. We understand that no matter what the weather, it will keep you safe. Portland's residents have trusted us for decades to provide comprehensive roof maintenance services and repairs. Call us today to discover why.


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