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Are cheap electric scooters worth buying?

Sep 16

The pros and cons of electric scooters

Practical and lightweight

Electric scooters' lightweight and practical nature make them so popular. There are electric scooters for adults that weigh less than 22 pounds. However, most of them weigh between 20-25 pounds and more, depending on their battery size. 

A foldable electric scooter is beneficial. It can be folded and unfolded in three seconds and will fit under your desk. It can be taken to work or school with you, so it doesn't need to go outside. This is the main benefit of an electric scooter over a traditional bicycle or electric bike. Learn more about electric scooters and traditional bikes at.

You don't require a lot of maintenance

A scooter is effortless to maintain. It is essential to make sure that the screws are correctly tightened once per month and to lubricate them as needed. If any of the parts fail, you can't rely on this. I have found that high-quality scooters are reliable. 

Even if you have to replace a tire, light, or mudguard, it's nothing in comparison to the cost of owning a vehicle.

Cars are expensive and require lots of maintenance. However, we often only calculate the gas price. Wrong! It is necessary to change oil, tires, brake pads, and fuel filters and fix broken parts. These costs can add up because car parts are costly and difficult to replace.

These scooters are affordable and easy to operate. You can save $250 a year on gas if you use the scooter to replace your 5-mile commute by car every day to work. This does not include parking and the cost of your vehicle.

Cost per mile

An article has been dedicated to an electric scooter's cost per mile and cost of ownership. An electric scooter is affordable per mile and has a low buying price. It requires very little maintenance compared to a vehicle like a car.


The electric scooters are high-speed. This article will explain how fast electric scooters can be. The electric scooter can deliver the same speed as an e-bike or traditional bike but without pedaling.


While we have already discussed a folding scooter's practical and lightweight aspects, there is another huge advantage. It's easy to get to work, even without breaking a sweat. 

It's similar to a traditional bicycle except that you don't need to pedal, which can cause you to change your shirt.


Although it may not directly affect you, electric transportation will improve the environment and the air. The air is polluted by cars, motorcycles, and non-electric scooters. This is evident in cities. The air quality is inferior.

An electric scooter is an excellent option for those who don't have a car. It can fill the gap between your home and your commute to get you to the nearest public transportation. 

You will be helping to preserve the air quality in cities by choosing an eco-friendly car.


Although I have never met someone who doesn't like a scooter rider, there are some exceptions. Although a short ride does not mean you can comfortably ride every day, it is a good start. I love riding my electric scooter to work. It's great to feel free and get some fresh air.

You don't have to stand up, but some models include a seat so you can commute longer distances.

The Cons of Electric Scooters


Many of us find that the biggest obstacle is the price. High-quality electric scooters can be expensive. The battery is what drives the high cost of electric scooters. 

Because batteries are costly and challenging to make, scooters with an extended range of use will be costly.

An electric scooter is an excellent option if you don't have a car. An electric scooter is cheaper if you have an existing car that you pay all taxes and maintenance. An electric scooter will save you money in the long term.

Many factors will affect your decision, such as how you commute to work and how much money you spend on an electric bike. You can also find range or cost-of-ownership information in the links below.

There is a quick route to work

You can walk less than a mile to work, so buying an expensive electric scooter is not a good idea. A low-range scooter is a better option if you need one. It will only take you 1 mile to get it done.

There is a lot of work ahead

A car is a better and faster alternative to electric scooters if you travel more than 5-6 miles each way. A car will take longer if you travel more than 5-6 miles. However, if you work in an area with high traffic, an electric scooter may be a good option as a last-mile vehicle.


An electric scooter is easy to ride. A bike is cheaper than an electric scooter if you only have to ride a short distance to work.

Environment and range

When buying an electric scooter, be sure to check the range. A scooter with a more excellent range than the manufacturer recommends is advisable. You will still be able to reach your destination, even if the temperature or battery isn't the best.